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All your Wedding Skincare Questions Answered— directly from an esthetician

Are you looking for that "skin like finish" when you put on foundation and concealer? Do you want "soft and natural" wedding day makeup? Well hold on thereyou need to focus on your actual skincare, first!


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Even though I'm a wedding hair and makeup artist, I too am getting married in November 2022! So I'm right alongside my clients on the wedding journey this year. I figured if I'm wondering how to get my skincare right for my own wedding, then I'm sure other people are, too!

So that's where Shaley from Blue Moon Wellness comes in. I decided to interview this boss babe esthetician and ask her all the skincare questions I know you have! Shaley has been an RI licensed esthetician for almost 10 years and a massage therapist for over 5 years. She specializes in relaxation, results based skin treatments, and making her clients look & feel their absolute best! She has always kept bridal makeup a part of her beauty & wellness career as well.

Keep on reading to see her top tips for wedding skincare prep!


QUESTION #1: Why is it important for someone to care about their skincare regimen prior to their wedding date?

"Someone getting married should look into getting facials prior to their big day because it will prepare their skin for the absolute best makeup application, flawless photos, and leave them feeling confident in their skin! It’s also a great way to relax with all of the wedding planning chaos!"

QUESTION #2: How early should you start getting facials or treatments prior to the wedding?

"To be safe, I’d say a minimum of 4 months so the client's skin can acclimate to the product line and ingredients. This also leaves time for the client & skin pro to decide if facials are even the right step for them!"

Question #3: What is “derma-planing”, and do you recommend that for a better makeup application?

"Derma-planing is a professional skin treatment in which a licensed professional uses a single use surgical steel blade to gently slough and scrape layers of dead skin and peach fuzz off of the surface of the facial skin.

This allows for a much smoother makeup application, creating a flawless smooth canvas for your makeup artist to work on. This also helps your makeup last longer and get a more natural finish, since fuzz and dead skin can have your makeup looking a bit cakey and creates a barrier between your foundation and skin!"

QUESTION #4: How can someone identify their skin type? - (dry, oily, combo, sensitive)

"Identifying skin type can seem challenging! But there’s a few things to look for:

  • If you’re overall dry, you’ll notice a rough texture on the forehead, chin, and cheeks usually associated with flakiness & sensitivity, with little to no oil in the T-zone. (T-zone= forehead nose and chin).

  • If you’re oily, you’ll notice an excess amount of clogged pores in the T-zone, a very shiny look to the skin, and enlarged pores.

  • Combination skin can look like dry cheeks with an oily T-zone, which is sometimes associated with slight sensitivity.

  • Sensitive skin typically turns red with even the lightest touch. Most products will leave you feeling tingly and irritated! A good way to find out if you're sensitive is to test out a new moisturizer, mask, or any product on your jaw line first and see if your skin begins to become red or get any bumps / itchiness!!

  • Finally, acneic skin is typically someone who has 10 or more pustules / papules and lots of comedones and excess oils! (White heads& blackheads)"

QUESTION #5: How long will it take someone with highly active acne or scarring to see results with facials?

"Someone who struggles with frequent breakouts, acne, and hyperpigmentation (from acne scarring) should definitely have a perspective on their skincare as a "journey" because some people can deal with this for most of their adulthood. But In general, 4-6 months of consistent professional treatments and proper home-care in between can be the sweet spot to see that turn around in someone's skin!

Sometimes acne can go deeper and far beyond surface level topicals and can require dermatologist visits and prescription treatments as well."

QUESTION #6: When should someone book their brow/lip wax in relation to their wedding day?

"In my professional opinion, 2 weeks before so any redness or breakouts can calm down before the big day! Pro tip: Get waxed before the wedding since freshly waxed skin can sometimes not allow makeup to adhere well and could result in loosing the makeup's longevity."

QUESTION #7: What is your most important skincare tip for someone getting married?

"Moisturize & DO NOT sleep with makeup on!! Cleanse & moisturize everyone morning and night, and try to exfoliate at lease once a week for hydrated and even-toned skin."

QUESTION #8: What are some of your favorite skincare products, tools, or brands?

"One of my favorite skincare lines is Glo Skin Beauty. Their tinted SPF moisturizer in medium is liquid gold! This product gives you a nice light coverage and the protection of SPF 30! Pro tip: don’t use SPF on your wedding day. It can cause a white cast to appear on your face in your professional photos!

I also LOVE Skinscript's peptide eye cream! It has blue light blocking properties in it, which blue light is in our phones, tablets, and computer screens. It’s hydrating and anti-aging!"


How to book an appointment with Shaley:


Shaley's studio is based in Warwick, RI. She offers facials, massages, waxing, and more! Check out her "Services" tab on her website for more detailed descriptions. You can book an appointment with her by submitting an appointment request through her website or you can also DM her on Instagram / Facebook! Click the buttons below to go directly to the corresponding pages.


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