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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer / What is your pricing?
We offer wedding, formal, or special event hair and/or makeup services. We specialize in Temptu airbrush makeup, but some artists do offer traditional makeup as well. We also offer on-site hair and makeup for photoshoots and videos. Click here to view our full list of services and pricing information.
Do you have a recommended vendors list?
Yes! We have been in the industry for over 7 years, and we have many recommendations on how to make your special day come together with trusted wedding vendors/service providers in the RI/MA area. Click here to view our recommendations!
Does your team travel anywhere?
Yes! We can travel to any location. There will be a travel fee that includes round trip milage, and any tolls, parking, valet fees as well as other types of travel expenses (like airfare, ferry tickets, cab fares, flights, and lodging). These fees apply per stylist working the wedding. Feel free to contact us with your getting ready location for a personalized travel quote!
How do I officially book / secure my wedding or service?
You can expect to: Inquire, fill in the questionnaire, review your contract and sign, and then pay the retainer to officially secure your date.
We cannot hold wedding dates until a retainer is paid and your contract is signed. Other non-wedding services require a 50% retainer paid to book the service.
Note: ALL retainers are non-refundable. 
Do you have a minimum number of services or amount?
During peak months (April-Nov), we require a minimum service count on weekend days. Off season months have no weekend minimums. Please inquire through our contact form and make sure to include your estimated number of services needed to get a custom quote!
How many stylists will be there to work my wedding?
This is personalized for each wedding since the number of stylists working is based off many factors. The service amount, types of service, and the time span you have to get ready will all affect the number of stylists. On average, 6-8 people wanting hair and makeup will require 2 stylists. Anything over that typically involves 3 or more stylists. 
Do you charge an additional artist fee?
Currently, there is no fee for needing to have more than 1 stylist work your wedding. However, what is charged per stylist is travel and any other fees like valet, ferry ticket, airfare, etc or early morning start time + holiday day or holiday weekend fees. If you as the bride want the getting ready process to be quicker but don't meet the minimum service numbers to have 2 stylists, you can pay an additional fee to have a second stylist added to your day!
Do you make a timeline for services? How much time do you allot for each service?
Yes, ALL wedding services receive a complimentary timeline / schedule custom made for your wedding day! This is one less thing on your to-do list, and you can feel stress-free knowing a professional is planning for you. On average, we allot 15 min set-up time, 1 hour per bride/groom service, 45 mins per guest services, and have a 15 minute touch-up time at the end to ensure everyone walks down the aisle perfect! However, the timeline is based on the stylist working your wedding and we will allot the time needed for them to ensure you are getting the best quality service possible.
I have SO many wedding party + family members that want hair and makeup, is your team big enough to accommodate us all?
If you are the first one booking on your date, then you will have first dibs on all team members! The more weddings we have booked on the same date, the less available stylists there are. We will always ensure we have enough team members available for your date prior to you booking with us!
When should I book my trial appointment?
Please note: Weekend trial appointments may not be available during peak wedding season (May-November). We will do our best to accommodate you when you need an appointment, but please PRE-BOOK if you have a tight schedule. 
We know you may be excited to see your final look right away, but trust us when we say it's better to WAIT until 2-4 months before the wedding (of course if you are out-of-state, you may need different accommodations). This way, your hair will be a similar length / color as it will be on the wedding day, and you can see how your hair and makeup hold up in the season you're getting married in (Think: cold December trial for a muggy August wedding date may not give you the best representation). 
Can I book a trial before securing my date?
We currently only offer trials to clients who are booked/contracted for their wedding date. This allows our stylists to ensure they have enough room in their schedule to accommodate our booked client's trial appointments, and allows us to give the best customer service to them.
What if I'm unsure of what I want for my trial... can I do more than one look?
Don't worry, we understand sometimes you can have trouble deciding how you want your hair or makeup to look if you typically don't wear formal styles. Yes, you can add on an additional look for an etxra fee to your appointment. Please note that additional looks are only added onto an existing trial appointment. If you decide later on you'd like a new trial at a different time, that is booked as a new trial appointment. 
Which type of airbrush foundation do you use?
We use TEMPTU professional airbrush makeup that is silicone-based and long lasting (at least a 12-hour wear time) and is transfer/water resistant. It's customizable for each client because it can be a natural skin-like finish and lightweight (for those who hate makeup), or we can build layers for more coverage. TEMPTU airbrush makeup is dermatologist tested, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, vegan, and not tested on animals. It’s also free from parabens, phthalates, sulfates, petroleum, oil, and gluten which makes it suitable for many skin types.
Are strip lashes an additional cost for makeup?
No, there is no additional cost if you or your guest want fake strip or cluster lashes. We know you already have enough details to worry about, let alone trying to find out if your guests want lashes or not!
Can a stylist stay for touch ups between the ceremony and reception?
Yes, we can have a hair or makeup stylist stay at your location to ensure everything is picture perfect all day long! Touch-ups costs are based per hour, and begin at the "finish time" of your timeline. Please indicate in your questionnaire if you are interested in touch ups, and we can let you know the additional cost.
What happens if one of my wedding party members/ guests changes their mind and doesn't want their service anymore that I booked?
If your guest backs out 12 weeks or less before your wedding date, they are still required to pay for the service you booked even if the service is not performed. We need to ensure our stylists who held your wedding date for months get paid their anticipated income from your wedding. You may also replace them with someone who wants the same service! 
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